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The Rubicon Group presenting at the users group event.

we're dedicated to helping our clients scale their businesses

At The Rubicon Group, we have helped hundreds of businesses in manufacturing and distribution using our proprietary ERP Cloud Software. Our powerful system easily integrates into your business with usability, security, and scalability in mind. Partnering with The Rubicon Group sets your business ahead of the competition, with experts that know your business and that are passionate about what you do!

Since 1984, Our ERP Solution has grown over 200 businesses worldwide

Our clients say its
The last software you'll Ever Need

We understand the unique challenges manufacturers and distributors face. That is why we've developed Rubicon ERP that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the industries we serve. Our software is user-friendly and our team of experts is here to provide ongoing support and assistance.

The Rubicon Group team begins their presentation to a large audience.