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As the world transitions from traditional B2B payment methods, there is growing demand for merchant services with secure credit card processing and ACH payments. Rubicon Pay was built to address that need while offering the highest levels of security and privacy. Fully integrated into Rubicon ERP, Rubicon Pay will reduce exposure to fraudulent activity, help protect your employees, while seamlessly allowing for the secure processing of credit card and ACH payments.

Key Features of Rubicon Pay

Payment Options

Rubicon ERP provides versatile payment options.  Using terminals, traditional cash application, or a customer portal, invoices can be paid in an ad-hoc or batch basis. If anything should go wrong, there is one source of contact.  Yes, Rubicon is responsible for the support and guarantee of end-to-end transaction processing. So, you are not trapped in the middle of software and merchant service providers when seeking a resolution, Rubicon represents both.

Customer Portal

Rubicon Pay customer portal offers a streamlined and secure way for clients to manage their payments. Within the highly intuitive portal, customers can securely make payments via credit cards, ACH, view and reprint invoices, as well as update their payment information. Rubicon Pay helps put your customers control of their payments.

PCI Compliance

Rubicon Pay prioritizes the highest level of security by offering secure management for sensitive payment information. It adheres strictly to the latest PCI compliance standards, ensuring all transactions are thoroughly protected. This commitment to security safeguards sensitive customer data, as well as reinforces trust in the reliability and integrity of Rubicon’s financial system.

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