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At The Rubicon Group, we have a proven track record of success in helping hundreds of businesses in manufacturing and distribution reach new heights with our proprietary ERP Cloud Software. Our powerful system is designed with usability, security, and scalability in mind, making it easy to integrate into your business. But don't just take our word for it, read what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience working with us.

Rubicon ERP Client Testimonials

Mike Harpster
Capital Electric Wire & Cable

Jeff Lehrmann
CableMaster LLC

Fran Hoffman & Amy Mehndiratta
Miami Cordage LLC

Paul Lawrk
Cadre Wire & Cable

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Partnering with us helps businesses reach their goals and maximize profits!

Cadre Wire Group, Inc.

Most companies wait until they reach a certain size to invest in an ERP System. Rubicon’s ERP Software was our very first purchase at Cadre! We knew we needed this system day once in order to achieve our goals!

Brian Holtzman, CEO

Liftex Slings

Rubicon is the best business decision we’ve ever made!

Paul Keating, CEO

Windy City Wire

Windy City Wire has leveraged the best technologically advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to scale our operations and achieve significant growth. Since the inception of this business we understood the importance of investing in the right tools and technologies to support our growth and improve our operations. That’s why we have implemented the best-in-class, Rubicon ERP system that enables us to manage our business processes efficiently, optimize workflows, and streamline operations.

Rubicon ERP software is integrated across all departments and provides real-time visibility into our business operations, allowing us to make data-driven decisions quickly. With a robust reporting and analytics suite, we are able to generate meaningful insights into our business performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement corrective actions to achieve our growth objectives.

The advanced capabilities of Rubicon ERP has enabled us to scale our operations and expand our business without sacrificing efficiency or accuracy. We have been able to optimize our supply chain, streamline our manufacturing processes, and enhance our customer service.

Looking ahead, we are committed to investing in the best technologies and tools to support our growth and help us achieve our objectives. We believe that The Rubicon Group is a key enabler of our success, and we will continue to leverage its capabilities to support our expansion into new markets.

Rich Galgano, Founder

WireMasters, Inc.

WireMasters has seen substantial growth since becoming a Rubicon user. Controlling our growth and keeping up with customer expectations has been a challenge. The Rubicon system has enabled us to do both. Their company has been an essential part of our past success and will be a part of our future success. The flexibility of the software as well as the “partnership model” of the Rubicon team combines to make Rubicon the best choice for Distribution, Financial, and Manufacturing software.

Drew Love, Operations Manager

Texcan Division of Sonepar Canada

When starting a new job, going through your orientation and training on the software program can be exciting and intimidating at times. Being trained on Rubicon’s web-based ERP system is one of the exciting parts. All of our employees enjoy the ease of navigating, responsiveness, and all interaction with Rubicon. Rubicon has allowed us to grow our business without the need of a significant increase in headcount. Rubicon’s head office support is very good and helps our business stay ahead of the competition.

Troy Dickson, Director of Operations

Cameron Wire & Cable

We could write a book detailing all the little things we love about Rubicon. What matters the most is if you are on the fence about using Rubicon, get off the fence and start loving your work again. Rubicon has allowed us to focus on growing the business without worrying about our systems in place. The system has best practices built-in and years of experience to allow startups a huge advantage. Best money we ever spent! Rubicon = Less is More (Fewer headaches / More success)

Robert Cameron, CEO & President

Capital Electric Wire & Cable

For me, dealing with The Rubicon Group is about capital and having a partner to work with to solve a problem or improve a process. Through the years, actually, now it’s decades, I’ve had many situations where I’ve presented some sort of business challenges to Rubicon and they’ve sat down, asked many questions and listened, and then provided a workable solution. And when the process is complete, I’ve not had to change who we are or sacrifice our service level to our clients in any way. Having most if not all of your eggs in one ERP basket would be terrifying if you couldn’t trust the folks who serve you. I can honestly say I’ve always felt comfortable dealing with The Rubicon Group.

Mike Harpster, RCDD & President

Champion Wire & Cable

Picking a software company is like getting married: You better pick the right one or there will be hell to pay. I am one who has had the pleasure of being married to Rubicon for almost twenty-five years. My first experience was with a company that had seven sales/warehouse locations and over 135 users servicing the entire U.S. The second was a start-up with two locations and under 10 users. In both cases, Rubicon brought the following to the table: Great structure and organization; excellent accounting programs; extraordinary reporting and access to all the information you need to run a business of any size; an extraordinary inventory control system; excellent credit and collection tools; and last, but not least, fantastic tools to enable your salespeople to be more effective. I speak as a businessman who knows much less than my grandchildren about computers but as a businessman who knows that what Rubicon has done for my business it can do for yours.

Dave Berger, Founder & President


We have been a Rubicon customer since 1987. Technology keeps changing and so has our business. Rubicon has kept us on the forefront of the technology curve. We now have a paperless environment with a real time RF bar coded warehouse. Rubicon has always met and exceeded our needs always keeping us several steps ahead of the competition.

Ron Bosco, Chief Financial Officer

Charlotte Wire & Cable

Charlotte Wire & Cable and Rubicon are about to have our 10th anniversary. And after all these years I can say I’ve never regretted making the decision to use their product and would do it all over again. In the day and age we live and work it’s been great knowing we have state of the art software designed for our industry that can be customized to our particular needs all the while knowing that when we call, a real person will answer and we will be immediately transferred to our main contact. I’ve been approached by many software companies over the years and my response has always been “we work with Rubicon and are not interested in changing”.

Mike Biggers, President

Rubicon ERP Client Testimonials

Sharon Thompson
WBE Technologies LLC

Steve Ewart
WBE Technologies LLC