Who we are…

The Rubicon Group is a team of technologists with an intense pride of ownership and commitment to the products we build. We are a customer service company dedicated to partnering in your business by supplying superior software, support and service. Our job is to provide you with results that separate you from your competition.

The Founders

Bill Greene - V.P. Technology

Bill Greene – V.P. Technology

It is Bill’s technical leadership and vision that maintains The Rubicon Solution’s scalability and flexibility for both current and future technologies. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s next for Rubicon and our customers.

Your business is your life’s work. We get that. Our clients count on us to provide a reliable, cost effective and intuitive solution that not only addresses today’s business challenges, but also anticipates what’s next as their needs become more complex.

Sue Taylor - V.P. Client Services

Sue Taylor – V.P. Client Services

Sue is the driving force behind Rubicon’s customer-centric approach. Even after 30+ years, she still works directly with customers to help them best utilize the system to separate themselves from their competition.

I love that moment when customers recognize how our solution will help their business grow. It’s fun to learn about their business philosophy, understand their challenges and watch as they quickly become self-sufficient in using the software.

Mike Taylor - President

Mike Taylor – President

Occasionally referred to as “Mr. Rubicon” Mike is passionate about the value The Rubicon Group provides to their clients. He is proud to have developed a company and culture that is markedly different from the average software company.

I’ve worked for the big guys; what we offer is better. Our success isn’t the result of selling thousands of copies of shrink-wrapped software. We’ve built this company on trusted relationships with our customers, a superior product and delivering on every promise we make.