Fewer Touch-points, Faster Throughput, More Accuracy

Good systems and processes all have these traits in common. Action, speed, result! No more, no less.

Fewer Touch-points: The more times a transaction is touched or maintained, the higher the probability a failure will occur, resulting in upset customers and added expense. Rubicon is designed to make it easy to get it right the first time, no second guessing, no manual approval. Real time metrics and out of bounds tolerance make sure anomalies are identified and dealt with upfront.

Faster Throughput: In Rubicon workflow is the very fabric of the software, ensuring ease of use and expedited processing transaction by transaction.

More Accuracy: Getting the first two items right, means there’s more accuracy, which translates to fewer mistakes. It also means there’s high productivity, doing more with less, creating a rewarding experience for everyone. In fact, Rubicon customers enjoy some of the highest revenues per employee in the industry.