Usability, the next Big Thing!

There’s plenty of great software out there to run your business, but how easy is it to use?  We believe usability is the next big thing and it’s already here!

Usability is about understanding how and why people use a product, what they’re trying to accomplish, making it as easy as possible to attain.

Usability incorporates the concepts creating a streamlined and engaging interface, producing accurate results, along with being easy to learn.  When well executed, users are rewarded with success, satisfaction and empowerment.  After all, what could make your team more productive than an accurate, intuitive information system with near zero training?

Partnering with our customers, Rubicon has spent years focusing on the issue of usability and it shows.  Our software is consistently described as being powerful through its ease of use and simplicity of design.  We’re already positioned to help companies realize the many benefits of usability, while others are still catching up.

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