Why Rubicon?

  • It’s our software.

    We aren’t reselling someone else’s product, it’s ours. We’re really proud of it. And we’re committed to it.

  • We’re big enough to serve you, and small enough to know you.

    When you call you’ll talk to an assigned account manager. Someone you know and who knows you, who has been to your company.

  • We know business.

    Our account managers don’t just know the software, they have been operations managers, controllers, consultants. You can ask a business question, and get a business solution.

  • If it doesn’t work, we fix it.

    You’ll never hear “that’s a known problem” or “it’ll be fixed in the next release”. It will be fixed as fast as possible.

  • If it doesn‘t work the way you want, we’ll fix that, too.

    Need something special? Have a unique situation? Or just want something to work your way? We’re ready to tune the software to your needs. Most of our customers have customized the software.

  • It runs everywhere, from anywhere.

    All you need is a web browser. It works on desktops, laptops, phones, tablets. It works in the office, at home, at a customer, on a plane. You can run it on your own server in your office, on a server in a hosted environment, in the cloud. You’re choice. And we’ll help you decide what’s best for you.

  • Usability, it’s web pages.

    It’s software you already know how to use. You’ll find it completely natural and intuitive. Our customers say they have new employees working in fifteen minutes or less.

  • We know what we’re doing.

    Rubicon is over 30 years old. We’ve been doing web apps for over 16 years – even before they were called “web apps”.

  • The last software you’ll need.

    It’s easy enough for a start-up, comprehensive enough for anyone. We can help keep you ahead of changing needs and environments.

  • Rapid implementation.

    Our software quickly and easily assimilates into your business. While your competitors are figuring out how to implement their software, Rubicon will already be delivering on its promise.

  • Talk to our customers.

    They are almost evangelical. We are passionate about what we do, and would love to bring that to your vision. Our passion. Your vision. It’s a powerful combination.